Custom Color


Custom Color


Base Retouch

Hair grows between one half to one inch ever month. A base retouch is therefore quite obvious as early as one month after coloring. Regular color treatments are therefore a must if you want your hair color to look well maintained. 



Single Process

Single Process means that a new color or toner is applied all over to create a new base color. The hair is lifted and deposited in one step. It's wonderful for covering grays and adding luster to dull hair.



Double Process

Double Process is a color technique where the hair is lightened to remove natural or colored hair pigments, and then your color of choice is added into the hair to create the desired shade. 

This is the process used for adding fashion colors, such as pink, blue, or green, to hair.



Full Highlight

Full highlights consists of highlighting your hair all over, from the front, the sides, the back and even the nape of the neck. Full highlights can dramatically change your hair color.



Partial Highlight

Using foils and color of your choice, partial highlights are placed either in the mohawk section of your hair, the top half of your hair or the top half and the front sides of your hair. 

Partial highlights are perfect for a brightening or framing effect.




Balayage is a French word meaning 'to sweep' or 'to paint'. It allows for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour, similar to what nature gives us as children. The Balayage pieces are very close and soft at the root leading to a thicker highlight at the ends of the hair.